I have worked in the International Entertainment   world for almost 20 years and have performed at all types and sizes of parties and weddings. I've done several international tours and concerts, and created 3 albums in Indonesia, and in the U.S. I currently reside in Potomac, Maryland, U.S.A.

My repertoire consists of top 40, dance, jazz, country, soft rock, R&B, and many foreign and traditional International songs. I have gained much working music experience and entertainment over the years.

Any suggestions, input, gigs, or advice are welcome by E-mail.

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                  My latest album " HARUSKAH"

Click on images to see my video clip!    Click on Image to see my video clip !
Click here for video clip ! Haruskah.      VideoClip              ( Windows Media Player File 3MB, click on image!) Click here for video clip !  Manalah Mungkin.         VideoClip               ( Windows Media Player File 3MB, click on image!)  
Video Clip "Dont Cry for me Argentina" Live 5 mb! Video Clip "Dont Cry for me Argentina" Live 5 mb!  Don't Cry For Me Argentina. (Live MPG Video Clip TVRI Program "Gebyar"  5 mb!) (click on image!)

New Years Eve Party in Hong Kong, December 31th, 2002.

Irma Pane
Irma Pane
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